Page Eleven: Day 130

Painted comic page

Well, now this one turned out pretty good too! I think I’ll just keep on writing completely random comic book pages that may or may not even be from the same series! I’m quite positive that I’ll keep on learning new stuff if I keep doing this. I would have to try and keep the text all the same, and most importantly keep the art style the same. Though that last bit is going to be really hard to do considering how I tend to just do whatever works and not make any effort at all to try and get images to flow well together. So, like I said, I’ll keep on learning something new if I keep this up. Besides, I’m totally writing a comic, even though I’m not technically writing an actual comic. Who cares, this is freakin awesome!

EDIT: Also, Sphyxon, as I drew it the day before, is like pink/purple and stuff! So If this was a real comic the colors would be all wrong! Or… something happens between pages 1 and 11 😉

EDIT2: I’ve also noticed that the second panel doesn’t look zoomed in enough. So that’s also something I would have to get better at.


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  • Maryann Levesque

    love it bob. what an imagination. lol

  • Brad Thornhill

    Hey! That’s the two panel idea you were talking to me a couple days ago, very cool! 🙂

    • Yeah! Thanks for commenting. I’m going to keep this up 🙂