Opportunities: Day 193

Warped Cityscape

I finally got around to putting that drawing I’ve been working on into Photoshop! It’s not completed yet as I would like to go over it all again and add a whole bunch of little details, but I feel like it’s coming along nicely so far. I’m not entirely sure what kind of details I would add exactly, but it would likely involve enhancing those windows on the buildings, as well as making that moon glow properly.

It’s funny, in last night’s post (I’m posting at a decent time today!) I was talking about how opportunities seem to come up every few months. Usually when things are starting to feel a little stale, or I’m struggling with something related to producing decent artwork, or writing on these posts. Well, this morning I got a message from a friend letting me know that she’s working on some new websites, which are blog related, and she would like to chat with me sometime about creating some “cartoons” for the her.

She mentioned that it could lead to some financial gain down the road, which would be great. I still have to meet with her sometime to find out exactly what kind of blog she’s creating, and what type of role I’ll have in the process, but it should, at least, be another excellent learning experience. I’m looking forward to getting started on it.

I’m just now realizing that before I began my year of creative habits, during which I have been apart of some other important experiences, I would of been more stressed out about working with other people. Right now, keeping in mind I don’t know what I’ll be creating for her yet, I’m more excited at the prospect of doing something new, rather than worried about it. Her and I will have to get together sometime to discuss her plans and where I fit in.

I’m hoping this doesn’t detract too much from the work I put into my creative habit, as it’s become an integral part of what I do on a daily basis. I regularly research and watch videos on creativity, social networking, and blog writing, as well as posting all kinds of artwork (not just my own) on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Opportunities like this one will have to come first though because they’ll be temporary, while I still have more than 160 days to go before my full year of creative habits is complete. It’ll be totally okay to shift my focus from time to time to take advantage of these opportunities, and who knows, maybe I’ll be able to post the “cartoons” that I create for her on here.

Even if that’s not going to be the case, I’ll find time and energy to keep posting every day. The posts might just be filled with smiley faces and stick figures though. You know, because I’ll be all artistest out.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Wow dude that sounds awesome! good things come when you have passion and postive thinking in both hands 🙂 by the way this drawing is beyond awesome I would get that framed and hung on my wall in a heartbeat 😀

    • Booya to the positiveness! 😉 I’m not even finished with this painting yet, but I’m glad you like it enough to have it on your wall! Thanks, Brad.