That Stupid Black and Blue Dress: Day 203

Plant-like painting

I forgot that I was going to continue with yesterday’s painting today! I will still probably do that a little later on tonight sometime, if I have time. Today’s Photoshop painting didn’t really turn out as anything special, but I did learn a few things as I was trying out some different brushes that I haven’t messed around with before now.

What I did with the yellow there looks like it has some dimension. Which is pretty neat. The above image is a zoomed in version of what I painted, a bigger version is posted below if you want to see the whole thing.

Oh! And that stupid black and blue dress thing. Seems a lot of people are going nuts over that. You know, what color is it? Totally reminds me of this thing, which I saw years ago and at that point it blew my mind. The dress image, which I might as well include a link to the picture, as well as the explanation of why people are seeing different colors in a handy link right here. My green could be your red! It’s something I’ve contemplated for years.

Anyways, that’s all for today. Nothing else going on on this very boring Friday (Besides some somber news with the passing of Leonard Nimoy). I’m just messing around in Photoshop.At least I was able to put a blog title that might get a few random hits 😉 have a good weekend!

Plant-like painting in full


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