Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 37/365

Day 37

I’m not quite sure what it is exactly, but this image reminds me of a classic Final Fantasy creature. It just has that “alive” feel. Like I took this photo moments before being completely devoured in a single gulp!

Okay, with that monster silliness out of the way, take a look at THIS camera here. I just ordered it today. It should arrive sometime after the 17th of this month, so that’s gonna be more than 10 days from right now. If all goes as planned, and it finds it’s way to me safely, I’ll have a brand new digital camera to use for my daily photos and beyond. I still need to figure out my memory card situation (I have a couple things planned right now), but I’m not worried 🙂


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  • Robin Ponte

    Whooop whoooop *happy dance* well less than a quarter the way through your year and it’s happening. Can’t wait to see the pictures to follow!!! I’m liking how different this tree is from the others you’ve photographed! It looks like it has hairs

    • Yeah! I’ll do a happy dance when I actually have the camera in my grubby little hands haha even though I’m anxious, I’m excited. Stressful. It’s a lot of money for me and so I’m naturally worried about it. I’m happy you think I deserve it 🙂 best compliment evar

      • Robin Ponte

        All the anxiety will be worth it!! I’m pretty sure just about everything you’ve ever spent a pretty penny on has turned out to feel like a blessing. You research and stress too much for it to not be the right one! 😊

        • I do research a lot! I just hear stories of people not getting what they ordered, or it not showing up working right, etc. I don’t want no hassle!

  • Robin Ponte

    And has a odd form to it!! Sounds like lots of great things happening for you in the near future, and it makes me happy cause you deserve it