Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 40/365

Day 40

It’s funny how I go out and take some photos, and then come home not all that happy with the pictures I took in the moment, but when I look them over on my computer I find one that jumps out at me and actually ends up pretty good. Besides the horrible graininess due to my shitty camera, I rather like this picture!

You know, being forced to use lower than average tools kinda makes you feel like you need to be more creative. Does that make sense? I wonder how I’ll work when I get my new camera, and have all these fancy features and – potentially – everything will be a quick click away. Maybe it’ll just remove any and all frustrations and limitations and I’ll be able to try new things! You never know…


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  • Robin Ponte

    Love this one, makes me think that even though the weather is cold and dreary better and warmer days are trying to break through!!

    • Trying! And failing 🙁
      It was so cold today! Fingers froze as I carried my coffee home.