Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 83/365

Day 83

I love this photo. I gave it a kind of steely look after I picked it as my favorite photo for the day. The whites are very white! I like how all the objects are pretty balanced as well; angled building on the left, straight lines across the bottom, and the building in the back is straight as well. Sky in the middle to top right 🙂 I feel like it could be straight out of a magazine or something.

It was almost 20c out today! I was finally able to spend a few hours just walking around, visiting people, and taking photos, without worrying too much about the weather. I got a whole bunch of really good shots that might be good to use this weekend as it looks like there’s rain in the forecast. If it’s not too bad out, maybe I’ll get some interesting rainy photos (as long as there’s no chance of my camera getting wet), otherwise I’ll look over the shots I got today and use some of those 🙂