Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 86/365

Day 86

I’m not all that excited about the photo for today! The color is alright and everything, but I’m just not all that enthused about it. Depending on the weather, I really want to find some time tomorrow to go to a new spot in my area. Maybe I’ll find something new. I want to get excited about taking pictures!

Sometimes I think I have something cool as I’m shooting, only to find that later on when I return home to really get a good look at them, they aren’t so great. I’m pretty sure that the pictures I’m posting are actually relatively decent, I’ve just taken so many photos (literally hundreds over the past few months) that I think I’m a little burnt out.

An idea I had before I even got started on this 365 day challenge, was that I could do some drawings on paper – like designs or doodles or whatever – and then take some photos of those. I still think that could be a cool idea, and it might be something to try in the coming days. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow!