Inspired by Charcoal: Day 5

"DragonRising" created by Robert Chapman

Here we are at day number 5! Once again, I was away from my apartment so I have another non-digital drawing. I brought my sketchpad and filled an entire piece of paper with pencil lead. I drew a few different things and this piece took the longest, and is the most interesting. The other drawings I decided to trash were basically like creatures. Or bits of creatures anyways. With this piece though, I didn’t like the clearly visible overlap of where I was coloring everything in, but now it’s kind of neat to see exactly where I shaded and the pattern is pretty neat.

I definitely got my inspiration from reading this interview here with another artist. I love her artwork. I’ve never worked with anything other than pencils, pens, and the digital stuffs. Her charcoal pieces are fantastic. I think everything has an eerie feel to it when it’s done that way. It’s just dark. I love it. I don’t own any charcoal stuff, I just used some 8B pencils and tried my best to take my time, and keep my hands off the page! It’s pretty messy stuff.

I think it’ll be back to digital artwork for tomorrow. I want to do some more work on that lizard thing I drew yesterday. Maybe expand on it. Perhaps into a proper comic book panel or something. At least, that sounds really interesting! We’ll see what I’m in the mood for tomorrow.


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  • Rachele Alexander

    Thanks for the shoutout, Rob! This looks really neat, especially the pattern formed by your shading. Adds a lot of visual interest.

    • Rob Chapman

      Hey! Means a lot that you commented 🙂 Really appreciate the compliments. I’ll be keeping up with your daily stuff.

    • I don’t know if you’ll ever see this reply, but it’s 2 years later after I wrote this article. It’s been almost exactly 1 year since I finished my Year of Creative Habits, and I’m going through all the old posts. A lot of the links just don’t go anywhere anymore. I was wondering if I have you on Twitter or anything. Even if you don’t reply, just in case you get this, we could maybe follow each other and share artwork. I’m @zemus101

  • Brad Thornhill

    oh!! I see a dragon 😀 love the sunset in the background or is it rising hmmm?

    • Rob Chapman

      This one was exhausting to make. Messy too. Always appreciate your comments, Brad!

  • Brad Thornhill

    I think the first time I read through this post I didn’t look at that link to crystal’s interview but now I have and I can see that other artist probably have a few of the same views on how they make their art and the struggles that go with it.

    • Cool! Was this the first time you’ve read the interview, I wonder?

      • Brad Thornhill

        Yeah it was the first time I read that interview 🙂