New Website Design: Day 4



Today I had trouble deciding whether I would draw on paper, or go back to digital. I eventually chose to try digital once I figured out a way to actually get comfortable. As my computer/tablet setup isn’t so great right now. As long as I’m not sitting here for hours on end, hunched over my computer, then I’m more or less fine.

I think it will be right back to proper pencils and paper tomorrow as I don’t plan to be at home for some of the day. Might as well get outside, bring my supplies, and see what I can come up with. Today, I was hoping to do a picture of Angel from the very early X-Men comics. Which I’ve been reading a lot lately. Found a good picture in issue #17, but while I was getting set up I was feeling uneasy about the idea. It’s going to be tough to draw humanoid characters. I’ve never been good at it, even when I try silly looking cartoon characters. Things always look off. We’ll see, still might save that for another day, but I’ll give it some more thought tomorrow.

EDIT: I should also mention down here that I’ve finally designed this website properly. Got some nice header graphics going on up there, and I welcome anybody interested in seeing all kinds of my random artwork to visit the Gallery page. Really happy with how everything is progressing so far!


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  • Maryann Levesque

    Love it. 🙂

  • Brad Thornhill

    you should make your own comic with these type of creatures in it like a sci fi survivalist type thing or something haha 🙂

    • Rob Chapman

      Well, I’m not finished with this guy so you know what? I am going to put him in a comic panel 🙂 thanks for the suggestion , Brad.

  • Brad Thornhill

    hey! We had a little discussion about Web comics sort of in these early comments 🙂 I don’t know if you had that idea already about a Web comic back this early in your journey?

    • I still had so much work ahead of me. I don’t think the idea was really there yet.