Ultros: Day 20


Ultros: “Oh, all right, Uncle Ulty REALLY wants you to paint his portrait!”

Wasn’t home very much today, so I didn’t work at all on the critter from yesterday. Instead, I drew and colored a picture of Ultros from Final Fantasy VI! Love how he turned out. Was a fun little project. Didn’t take too long really, but I still need a better way to ink! For now, a better pen would suffice.

Once again, tomorrow I plan on working on yesterday’s guy. Just need to do some coloring. Seems like I’m going to stick with the blue mainly. White eyebrows and fur around his face sounds like a good plan though! (Thanks again, Brad) Then again, today’s creation was a lot of fun, maybe I’ll do some more of these guys 😉


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Eek!! Seafood soup! Lol he’s like gollum, a villain you can’t help to love! (in most cases) anyways love it and you’re welcome for my opinion 🙂

    • Rob Chapman

      I was always sad that he didn’t make many returns to the FF series. He’s in FFXIV now though 🙂 He looks terrifying though heh