Doodling With my Niece, Emily: Day 27

Candy Bombs

Bright and colorful bombs, filled with delicious candy, are heading down towards…


Emily World! Where anything is possible. The evil Fat Octopus Man is terrorizing everyone! Oh, look it’s the Super Onion Guy who’s saving the day by… making everyone cry! Pigs shaped like sprinkled doughnuts! Awesome beards! And giant heads with black-holes for mouths! Ridiculously awesome.

So yeah, today I spent the afternoon drawing with my 8 year old niece, Emily. I picked her up from school today. It’s only, I think, her 3rd day of grade 3. I had to scout around to find her when the bell rang as I wasn’t sure which doors she would burst from. I ended up finding her rolling around in the sand at the school’s playground. We walked home, drank some chocolate milk, and drew our stuff. I would of never came up with the candy bombs I drew if she didn’t inspire me with her 8 year old wackiness.