To Paint or Not to Paint: Day 49

Paint Palette

Happy Friday, peoples. Hope everyone had a smashing week! I’ve kept myself nice and busy lately. Especially when compared to some of my previous¬†weeks. Though I guess it seems that I’ve stayed busy for most of the summer.¬†Which has been quite nice actually. There hasn’t been a whole lot of time to try and find something to do. Things just keep coming up for me!

I don’t paint. I don’t even remember doing much painting in high-school. But I’ve always said that I hated painting. Now when I think about it, I guess I never gave it any chance, therefore I would suck at it. So that must be why I hate it. Maybe someday I’ll buy all the necessary materials and (while I make a complete mess) perhaps paint a picture.

Not sure why I decided to draw a palette. The idea just popped in my head and I started sketching some shapes out. I like how it turned out. Though there are some things that are bugging me about the finished product. Little details that feel off. Ah well, I’ve never drawn this before, so I like it when all of that is considered.