Day 30


Here we are at day 30. It’s a pretty big deal. For the next week or two it’s going to be all updates on the project I’m working on. Still creating slides for a presentation for my friend, Kathy. I added a dangly motorcycle earring to the original Kathy image, and created the second one. The second one is going to match up with a part of her presentation where she finds out she’s going to be walking on fire. I thought the expression was pretty fitting for the situation. Though I’m sure I’ll still be making changes and edits as the days go on.

Now that I’m starting to get some ideas for what to create for each slide, I’m already falling into a good rhythm. I’m still quite stressed about the whole situation though, as she’s counting on me, but I’m managing.

First off, she obviously wants me to do a really good job on all the slides, and keep them relevant to what she’s saying during those 15 seconds. But, I really have no idea what looks good to other people. I send her an image to get her opinion and I honestly have zero clue whether it’s awesome, terrible, or juvenile. It’s not easy! The images also can’t be too distracting, or give away what a punch-line or key piece of information will be before she says it.

Then there’s the time restraint. I have something like 9 or so days, give or take, to get this completed. 20 slides. I constantly worry that I won’t get them done in time, or go too quickly and end up not spending near enough time on some of the images.

Overall, it’s a wonderful opportunity. I’m really enjoying the time spent drawing this character. And when I look over the rest of the presentation, I feel I should be able to come up┬áthe right images to go along with it.