All the Hard Work Behind me: Day 37

Balloon Credits Math Idea Math

I got so much done today! And there’s still so many little tiny things that I could still touch up. Just in these four images alone. Overall, I’m happy with everything though! That’s 19 unique slides. The final “credits” one will show for the final 30 seconds. My reasoning is because I’m not sure when she’ll finish her presentation. Last time we timed it at about 4:30 but she told me she would like to stretch it out a bit.

Tomorrow I can hopefully meet with Kathy and we can go over everything in full. Re-time everything to see where we’re at. And make some overall adjustments. However, I’m almost positive I’m done with all the hard work. A couple days before everything is due! I’m pretty happy with myself. Proud even.

What a crazy experience this has been. I’ll go into my feelings on everything in my final post Monday or Tuesday when I show all the slides and how they match up with what she’s saying. Then on Wednesday I guess I’ll hear about how everything went and I’ll post about that. Until tomorrow then…