Lucky Charms: Day 48

Finally Colors

Lots of crazy colorness going on in today’s picture. I think it’s all the Lucky Charms I’ve been eating today. I’m literally eating some white I write this. Well, not exactly as I’m writing this. More like eating until I figure out what to write, and then going back to eating afterwards. Yeah.

Colors! Thanks to my sister, I got some new paper today. It’s acid free paper that seems really good for colored pencils so far. Not too grainy, not too glossy. I’m no paper expert, but I’m pretty sure I picked out the perfect sketchbook for my needs. Today’s picture turned out great at least

Besides the Lucky Charms, I’m not really sure what I was thinking exactly while I was drawing this. It kind of just happened naturally. Drawing shapes, overlapping shapes, then using pen and eventually coloring them. Then I went ahead and did some shapes in the background too. The photo doesn’t do it justice, not really. I could do some Photoshop editing but, meh. It looks really bright when seen with the naked eye. The colors really pop (hate that term, but whatever) with the black in the background and the black pen outlines for each shape.

Anyways, probably more sketchbook stuff tomorrow. I’ll try to do an actual character or something maybe. Or try my hand at those retro video game title screens I’ve still yet to do. Or edit yesterday’s Halloween card! I have lots of options.