Gloomy: Day 53


I spent a few hours on this today and I decided to leave the rest of it until tomorrow. We’ll see what it turns into. I wanted a wave like shape and lots of blue and green throughout. I’m sure I’ll have some other colors in there as well.

I decided to leave it for now because it was taking so long to complete. I’m starting to get hungry and it’s already 6pm! I plan to finish it, however I really should take a break from the time consuming stuff and do a whole bunch of simpler drawings for a week or something. I’ve noticed that I start seriously thinking about one-upping my previous work each time I sit down to draw. Can’t be doing that. It’ll be way too much work and I start to stress a little about it.

So tomorrow I’ll likely be finishing up this piece. After that I’d like to just do some 30 minutes cartoon sketches or something to keep things simple and easy. For now though, I’m off to cook!

Another thing I noticed is that today my camera didn’t really capture the image too well. It’s a gloomy rainy day. So it will likely be difficult to take decent pictures this winter. We’ll see. Maybe during this winter I can stick to a lot more digital work.