Tools Included: Day 84


I really wish I had of drew the entirety of the bottom three crystalline structures there in full rather than make it look like they are coming out of the ground. Or whatever I was trying to do there. They’re cut off a bit. It would of looked a lot better the other way, I think. That being said, I still like it overall!

It took me forever to get a good photo of this picture as the weather is pretty rainy today, so there wasn’t any good sunlight. Also, because of the issues I was having, I decided in this last shot that I would try putting all the tools I used in the picture. I feel a little weird doing this, I think because it feels like I’m showcasing something. I dunno, I guess this site might come off that way to begin with, but really it’s mostly all for myself as I want to have something to look back on as I go along as well as when I’m all finished. It keeps me motivated knowing I’m obligated to post something each day.

The camera on my tablet can really suck sometimes. As I keep saying in almost every post that the picture looks a lot better on paper, I realize that I should, someday, invest in a proper high quality digital camera. I think it’s really needed if I ever intend to advertise, and eventually sell, any of my physical work. I’ve fiddled with settings and whatever lighting I can create, but oftentimes to no avail. The picture still looks like crap.


Halloween Eve: Day 83


Now this one here is turning out pretty great! Once again though, it’s going to take me forever to fill in all that ink. That’s alright though, nothing awesome is ever accomplished without a good amount of effort. Well, except for maybe¬†intention manifestation! ūüėČ

The green I added to the crystalline structure didn’t really come through in the photo, I’ll have to add more green to it tomorrow. I still have a lot of color and details to add, but I’m a little bit afraid of messing it up. It looks pretty great the way it is! Well, besides the not quite half finished background there, of course.

Just in case I post late tomorrow, for whatever reason, I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween night tomorrow evening!


Creativity Inc.: Day 82

Blood Weed Complete

I’ve been reading this book called Creativity, Inc. and it’s about the head dude at Pixar and how he got there. He’s worked with and around visionaries like George Lucas and Steve Jobs and It’s a pretty good read.¬†I’ve already learned a tonne of stuff.

I downloaded 18 e-books relating to creativity and how to stay ambitious when it comes to art. Hopefully I’ll devour those pretty quickly as I’m trying to get in a bit of reading every day. So I’ll see how it goes. I tend to get started with a book and half way through they often lose me with ideas I don’t agree with or care to understand. That usually happens with fiction novels though.

Anyways, I’m all finished with this “Blood Weed” drawing. Man, is that ever a lot of ink though. This thing took forever. It looks okay in this photograph, but way better on actual paper. So far out of all the images I’ve created in this hardcover drawing book I’ve been using, this is at the top of my list for pictures I would like to frame.


Winter Soldier Soundtrack: Day 81

Blood Weed

It’s still not finished yet! Though I probably could leave it exactly as it is and be pretty content about how it turned out. My original plan was to ink the entire white background inside those borders at the top and bottom. However, I’m not sure whether to do that or not as I’m a little afraid it could make it look worse rather than better. What do you think? I think I’ll go for it anyways, at least I have this version saved on this website.

Listening to the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie soundtrack today. It’s so good. The soundtrack might¬†be my favorite part¬†of that movie, which also happens to be one of my favorite movies ever. What a step up from the last Captain America movie, which did nothing for me. Not totally unexpected that he was easily my least favorite Avenger with me being Canadian and all. Now though, he’s my favorite. No question. Love me some Winter Soldier.

EDIT: There! Quickly did this up in Photoshop and I like the way it looks. Totally going to start inking all the background in black. Should take…. forever. Should also be worth it.

Blood Weed (Black)


Missed the Sunlight: Day 80

Blood Weed

I still have a lot of work to do on this one. I colored for a few hours into the evening and missed the sunlight to take a better photo. So the reds are a little quiet compared to how they look on the actual paper. So hopefully tomorrow I can get some work on this done earlier in the day. That’s the plan at least!


Jagged Branches: Day 79

Red Weed

I’ve been spending most of today away from home. I’m having dinner with my mom tonight and so I’ve been spending most of the day over there. Figured it would be a good way to spend my Sunday. We’ll be watching the new episode of The Walking Dead at her place. She’s a huge fan. Me, not nearly as much. Though those first few seasons were pretty terrific. I feel the show has lost a little of what made it special. Though I still do see those special moments from time to time.

Not sure where the inspiration came from for this picture. I wanted something that I could spend a lot of time coloring with black ink. Then I pictured jagged branches. So this is what came out of it. Not sure how it’s going to look and if it’ll even turn out the way I’m thinking, but it’ll be something different at least. I plan to make it very red.

What’s everyone doing for Halloween? I was hoping to watch a whole bunch of horror/thriller themed movies, but there’s hockey on that night, and friends seem to be busy. So I’m probably doing it the next day or so.


Side by Side: Day 78

Alien Jelly

Happy Saturday, everyone. I just finished watching a fantastic documentary called “Side by Side“. It was produced by Keanu Reeves and was all about traditional film versus digital. I have to say that it was pretty awesome, quite informative, and thought provoking. I recommend it to anyone interested in the process of making movies from the beginning of movie-making up until now. Or at least 2012, when the documentary was made. Loved it.

I had an image of a giant creepy slug (From a movie like Slither or something) creeping across a hardwood floor in my head this morning. Not a completely random thought, mind you, as I was actually trying to think of what to draw today. I wrote in my post yesterday that I wanted to keep it rather simple today, so I just sketched something from my thoughts. No research was required for this one. The picture above is what happened. Not so slug-like after all.