Horn Experiments: Day 23


I’m just about finished with this guy, but it’s already after 9PM and I’ve been working on him for a couple hours. Going to post it as “work in progress” and finish it up tomorrow! He’s looking great, eh? I experimented a bit on the horn there and it turned out pretty good actually. We’ll see how it looks when I do the rest of the horns.

Something I’ve wanted to do for a few weeks now is most likely going to be my next project. Classic video game start screens. Not sure what I’m going to do with it as of yet, but I want to do something interesting. Not just simply look at a picture of a video game screen and copy it. Perhaps I’ll do it on real paper and draw each pixel. Maybe zoom in on the image a bunch so it’s tough to even tell what it is, then draw that in my own way. With lots of colored squares. No idea! Just something I’ve been wanting to try. Should be fun.

Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend.


Jesse: Day 22


Jesse: “They ran that way! Let’s murder their faces!”

This is Jesse. Jesse is a space alien in a Star Trek uniform. I love this guy so much. I was terrified as I was making him as I did it all in pen first. So I didn’t use any pencil at all this time. The pens I have just don’t ink over pencil well at all. Despite that, this guy turned out terrific. I mean, there are a few niggles I have with some things; the gun, the pincers on his face, and his eyes. But hey, he’s awesome! Welcome to the world, Jesse.

I’m tempted to draw this guy some more. Making a few changes here and there until he’s perfect. Exactly the way I want him to look. Though I usually don’t end up going back to previous projects in the end.

Speaking of going back to old projects. I still want to digitize that demon looking thing from yesterday. I didn’t feel like drawing on my computer today though. And I guess because of that things turned out awesomer. Awesomer!


Digitizing Fuzzy Critters: Day 21


I finally completed this guy. I was thinking about doing some shading, but I think he looks best with more of a cartoon style. The colors turned out great. Especially the white! Maybe I should of put some of that white on his toes and tail. Oh well. He still looks great, I think.

I’m really stoked that I made it to 21 days. So far so good! I still struggle with what to write in this space. I never really feel like posting any of my personal thoughts. Or, at least not very much. There isn’t a whole lot going on that’s worth posting. I mean, yesterday I had some news about what I might be doing in the future. As far as any professional artwork goes. We’ll see what happens with that. At the moment it’s kind of wait-and-see.

Up next, I took a picture of another sketch I made years ago. I’m going to be digitizing him sometime, just like this guy. It should be fun. I’ll post him right below.



Ultros: Day 20


Ultros: “Oh, all right, Uncle Ulty REALLY wants you to paint his portrait!”

Wasn’t home very much today, so I didn’t work at all on the critter from yesterday. Instead, I drew and colored a picture of Ultros from Final Fantasy VI! Love how he turned out. Was a fun little project. Didn’t take too long really, but I still need a better way to ink! For now, a better pen would suffice.

Once again, tomorrow I plan on working on yesterday’s guy. Just need to do some coloring. Seems like I’m going to stick with the blue mainly. White eyebrows and fur around his face sounds like a good plan though! (Thanks again, Brad) Then again, today’s creation was a lot of fun, maybe I’ll do some more of these guys 😉


Taking Suggestions: Day 19


Started work on this guy today. The Photoshop sketch turned out pretty great, eh? I still have some edits to do, but for now I’m trying to figure out what color he should be. This blue looks alright. What do you guys think? Something different, or maybe a different shade of blue? I might not change him anyways, but I’m curious what people think.

Because this guy is turning out so well, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be digitizing more of my drawings from old sketchbooks. Should keep me busy for awhile, I think. Look at yesterday’s post if you want to see what the original looks like. I made a few minor changes. I kinda balanced things out.


Colorful Comet: Day 18


I won’t say too much about today’s artwork. Thanks to my cousin Brad, who came up with the idea to draw a meteor or a comet. This thing turned out wonderfully. I wanted something with colors!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get working on that critter I posted yesterday that I’d like to convert to digital. We’ll see though. A friend asked me to create some slides for her. So I might be working on that. She needs them to go along with an IGNITE “talk” that she’s giving in September. Haven’t got back to her yet about it, but I’ll be doing that shortly. Hope I can pull it off! Wish me luck.


Paints are Messy: Day 17


Welcome everyone, to day 17 of my year of creative habits. I just need to do what I’ve completed so far about 21 more times and my first year will be complete. I want to continue to try new art techniques and materials to see what I can come up with. It’s also important to do this so I don’t get bored. Maybe before the year is up I’ll even paint something. Though I would rather do that in Photoshop. Paints are messy. And I always hated painting in school.

Next up, maybe for tomorrow, I want to take some of my older sketches and redo them in Photoshop. With colors and all that. Like this guy!