Space Balls: Day 59

Space Window Complete

I present to you a bunch of random planets mashed together. Viewed through a window of some sort looking out into space. Even though I know I could of spent another day tweaking a few things and adding detail, I think it looks pretty great. I’m a little afraid of adding anything more to it as I could so easily mess it up. So I’m finished with this piece. On to something new tomorrow!

As I almost always say, it looks way better on paper than it does in this photograph. My cousin gave me the idea of photo copying my drawings to get a higher quality image, but I’m not sure if I’d have to go find a copier, and what I would exactly do with it to get the digital image. Not a huge deal really. Later today I might try taking a better photo right outside to see if there’s a significant quality bump.

So, time for a question. Space related again. With Pluto being back in the news again, let’s talk about that. Should Pluto be a planet again? It’s still smaller than a bunch of the moons in our solar system. So in my opinion it definitely shouldn’t be classified as a proper planet. Drawf planet, sure. Not that I’m an expert or anything. Some people just grew up with Pluto as a proper planet and want it to stay that way. Do you care? Planet? Not a planet? I don’t care that much, but I don’t think it fits into what a planet is really. It’s just a tiny ball of ice. However it does have the same orbit around our star as the rest of our planets…