Side by Side: Day 78

Alien Jelly

Happy Saturday, everyone. I just finished watching a fantastic documentary called “Side by Side“. It was produced by Keanu Reeves and was all about traditional film versus digital. I have to say that it was pretty awesome, quite informative, and thought provoking. I recommend it to anyone interested in the process of making movies from the beginning of movie-making up until now. Or at least 2012, when the documentary was made. Loved it.

I had an image of a giant creepy slug (From a movie like Slither or something) creeping across a hardwood floor in my head this morning. Not a completely random thought, mind you, as I was actually trying to think of what to draw today. I wrote in my post yesterday that I wanted to keep it rather simple today, so I just sketched something from my thoughts. No research was required for this one. The picture above is what happened. Not so slug-like after all.