Tools Included: Day 84


I really wish I had of drew the entirety of the bottom three crystalline structures there in full rather than make it look like they are coming out of the ground. Or whatever I was trying to do there. They’re cut off a bit. It would of looked a lot better the other way, I think. That being said, I still like it overall!

It took me forever to get a good photo of this picture as the weather is pretty rainy today, so there wasn’t any good sunlight. Also, because of the issues I was having, I decided in this last shot that I would try putting all the tools I used in the picture. I feel a little weird doing this, I think because it feels like I’m showcasing something. I dunno, I guess this site might come off that way to begin with, but really it’s mostly all for myself as I want to have something to look back on as I go along as well as when I’m all finished. It keeps me motivated knowing I’m obligated to post something each day.

The camera on my tablet can really suck sometimes. As I keep saying in almost every post that the picture looks a lot better on paper, I realize that I should, someday, invest in a proper high quality digital camera. I think it’s really needed if I ever intend to advertise, and eventually sell, any of my physical work. I’ve fiddled with settings and whatever lighting I can create, but oftentimes to no avail. The picture still looks like crap.