Annoying Internet Problems: Day 66

EyeGuy Complete

My god did I have some annoying Internet problems today. I hope I can switch my ISP before the end of the year. This is getting really frustrating. My speeds slow down to ridiculously low levels at seemingly random times of the day. Usually it’s fine, and it has been for the most part for a couple years now, but the last month or so it’s been slowing down.

Anyways, hope all my fellow Canadians had a terrific Thanksgiving. I had a couple fantastic meals this weekend. I really want to thank everyone that was involved, and all my family that I spent time with. I will cherish the leftovers for days!

Finished up my eyeball dude with my nieces today. They gave me a lot of inspiration on what direction to go in. He ended up looking quite silly. However, I like him. Not as creepy as I was hoping for, but there’s always tomorrow!