Dat Tentacle: Day 62


I totally categorized this image under “character”. Anyways, good evening! I drew a tentacle! Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many creepy Halloween-esque drawings. Sounded like a fun idea, so I’m going for it. Hmmm… tentacles are creepy right? Well, just think of that one scene from the movie “The Mist”.

I really like how this turned out. I’m noticing a few things (as usual) that are bugging me that I could go back and change, but I’ll leave it. It’s done. I think my absolutely favorite part about this drawing is the color. The blue on pink, in my opinion, looks fantastic.

So, I’ll throw out an easy question today. What’s your favorite color? Is there any reason it’s your favorite? Even though I didn’t use any in this picture, green is definitely my favorite color. I wonder, does everyone have a favorite color? It’s something my nieces have always asked me. You pick one as a kid, and stick with it forever. Right?