Creativity Inc.: Day 82

Blood Weed Complete

I’ve been reading this book called Creativity, Inc. and it’s about the head dude at Pixar and how he got there. He’s worked with and around visionaries like George Lucas and Steve Jobs and It’s a pretty good read. I’ve already learned a tonne of stuff.

I downloaded 18 e-books relating to creativity and how to stay ambitious when it comes to art. Hopefully I’ll devour those pretty quickly as I’m trying to get in a bit of reading every day. So I’ll see how it goes. I tend to get started with a book and half way through they often lose me with ideas I don’t agree with or care to understand. That usually happens with fiction novels though.

Anyways, I’m all finished with this “Blood Weed” drawing. Man, is that ever a lot of ink though. This thing took forever. It looks okay in this photograph, but way better on actual paper. So far out of all the images I’ve created in this hardcover drawing book I’ve been using, this is at the top of my list for pictures I would like to frame.