Krueger: Day 77

Freddy Glove

There are things I like about this Freddy Krueger glove, and things I don’t. I’m glad I was able to add some white to the blades as they now have a bit of dimension to them. The bronze metal fingers I did yesterday still look great. The leather glove itself didn’t turn out so well. I couldn’t find any decent pictures online of actual leather gloves to get the details right. I had to wing it as I went along as copying exactly what was in pictures just doesn’t work well for me. Something that looks good in photographs doesn’t ever seem to move over well into drawing. For me at least.

It still looks pretty good though. But I’m disappointed overall. It’s strange, I’ve always been terrible at drawing clothing. No idea why. Maybe I don’t have the brain for understanding how clothing flows.

Anyways, it’s done! I can move on to something new. I’ll have to figure out what that will be tomorrow. I think maybe it will be something small to take a bit of a break from these multiple day drawings.