Halloween Inspired: Day 68


Hello, people. All finished with my bats picture. Not perfectly happy with how the moon turned out as I think going simpler would of been better. Maybe just yellow and grey or something. I dunno though. It’s my first time doing a moon like this. I’m relatively happy with how it all turned out.

October’s been a fun month when it comes to my drawing. I’m going to keep this up as long as I can. Trying to draw Halloween inspired stuff. As long as I can keep coming up with ideas at least.

I’ve been watching a lot of Walking Dead recently. The last couple of days or so. I’m trying to get caught up as I stopped watching awhile back. Somewhere near the end of season 3. It’s not my favorite show, but it has some terrific moments in the first couple seasons as least. Am I the only one that’s just interested in the mythology of the infection? And how it all went down? I still think the most interesting stuff in the show happened at the CDC in season one. Am I the only one? Are you a fan of┬áThe Walking Dead?