Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 51/365

Day 51

Today, I found me some hanging shoes. I wonder what the story was here;

“Bet you five bucks that I can tie my laces together and toss my shoes up on that wire in a single throw!”

“Okay you’re on! No way you can do that.”


“See! Told you.”

“Fine. Here’s your five bucks.”

*Goes and spends $70 on new shoes*



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  • Brad Thornhill

    I wonder how that whole throwing your shoes on a wire business started? Haha

    • Probably bullies… but … I dunno. I don’t see bullies taking a kids shoes off his feet and throwing them up there. So, I assume it’s some dummy that threw his own shoes up there lol

  • Robin Ponte

    You should ask Vic, I think he would probably know the politics behind it

    • Oh lol do you think he maybe invented it?!