Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 52/365

Day 52

Usually I take like 20 pictures, and when I get home I delete about 10 that didn’t turn out great. I take the remaining pictures and find around 5 that aren’t worth using as my blog post photo. Then I toss the remaining 5 (or there abouts) into Photoshop to look at them up close and see if there’s anything about any of them that jumps out at me. That’s not what happened today.

Yes, I took about 20 pictures in total. I started to look them over and decide, in my head, which ones are worth keeping. I deleted a couple, and then as soon as I saw this one I knew it was my photo for the day. I added a minute amount of color to the photo because it was such a dreary rainy day where the sun wasn’t helping me out any.

I was hoping it was ‘actually’ raining while I was out taking photos so that I could try out some camera features. Maybe get a photo of a puddle with a cool reflection, and rain drops just barely hitting it. I dunno, something like that at least.

Instead, I found a bunch of interesting trees. I love taking these types of pictures. None of them are really the same, and they just look so… abstract.

I should paint another one soon.


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