Pew Pew Pew: Day 25


I quickly drew Jesse again today, with a few changes, as I have to leave shortly for the day/night. I was afraid of not getting my drawing done for today, so at least I posted something by drawing this guy. However, despite being in a hurry, he still turned out marvelously. Don’t you think? I wish I had of made the hand holding the gun a lot bigger. As it’s supposed to be closer to the camera. however, I did this all in pen and once I drew what was there, there was no going back. Also, it makes sense he has such big feet as his hands are pretty massive Ninja Turtle-esque paws.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll color him up as my daily duties. But I did find some retro video game screens to use for my next big project. However, after staring at them for awhile, I can’t figure out exactly what I want to do with them! I don’t want to just simply recreate them. If I did that with Photoshop then it would just look the same. Like I just found a picture of the title screen and uploaded it as my work. So, I could maybe recreate them on paper. But there’s nothing really creative about that. So, I’ll have to figure something out. Something awesome.



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  • Brad Thornhill

    Lucky he doesn’t have four arms cause the place would be in ruins lol

  • Sierra Spanton

    I wish i could draw shoes like that. The only thing i can say that kinda confuses me about this guy is he looks like he’s holding his hands up like someone has a gun on himbut also looks like he is shooting up a place lol mixed signals.

    • Sierra! I don’t know if you’ll ever get notified of this response, but that’s exactly what is supposed to be going on! haha it’s in the middle of a story. He pulled his gun with one of his extra arms while still having his hands up 😉 Appreciate the comment! I don’t know anyone else that would be honest like that and critique 😀 thanks again!