Chupon Typhoon: Day 43


Happy Saturday everyone. Was a pretty great day today. Warm weather with not a whole lot to do. Just relaxed with a buddy for most of the day. Went for a nice walk earlier in the afternoon. Might be one of the last really warm days this year. We’ll see though.

Not sure why I decided to draw Final Fantasy VI’s Chupon/Typhoon character. I think I just wanted to do something creepy. Like a monster or something. Sketched a few things that didn’t turn out so great, then I thought of Chupon. I looked up a picture to get the details right. Then tossed that sketch away and just drew him all over again. This time in my own style just going by memory. Turned out much better!

Yoshitaka Amano’s style is pretty difficult to replicate as his brush strokes look so random and all over the place! He has an absolutely insane amount of detail in all of his pieces. It’s amazing actually. My version of this guy looks better than what I was trying to do before.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Definitely freaky! >< nice Robert! 🙂 is he pissed? There's steam shooting out of his back lol

    • Rob Chapman

      No idea! It wasn’t as prominent as how I did it, but Amano painted him with pipes and smog 🙂