Halloween Postcard Collage: Day 45

Halloween Compilation

A good friend asked me to help her create some Halloween cards the other day. She offered up some examples from some older drawings I did and I went ahead and did some editing to add some nice colors. They turned out excellent, but I switched one of her suggestions out for a newer demon guy I did a couple weeks back. I think he fits a little better. The other guy was pretty goofy.

I threw them all together in a collage today and I think they look quite smashing! The colors go together pretty well, with the yellow maybe being the only one I might change. Perhaps to orange. We’ll see what she says when she has time to check it out. She might even want the older drawing back in there instead of the demon guy. We’ll see.



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  • Brad Thornhill

    For some reason I think of the Brady bunch but with monsters lol looks great Robert!

    • Rob Chapman

      Oh my god. You just ruined this picture! Haha

  • MFuller

    I love it

    • Rob Chapman

      Holy crap! You figured out the comments! How awesome! Hello. Thanks for stopping by. I’m super stoked you like what I did 🙂