Halloween Eve: Day 83


Now this one here is turning out pretty great! Once again though, it’s going to take me forever to fill in all that ink. That’s alright though, nothing awesome is ever accomplished without a good amount of effort. Well, except for maybe intention manifestation! 😉

The green I added to the crystalline structure didn’t really come through in the photo, I’ll have to add more green to it tomorrow. I still have a lot of color and details to add, but I’m a little bit afraid of messing it up. It looks pretty great the way it is! Well, besides the not quite half finished background there, of course.

Just in case I post late tomorrow, for whatever reason, I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween night tomorrow evening!


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  • Robin Ponte

    Man bob… youre seriously blowing my mind! Love love love it!

    • Rob Chapman

      Heh Thanks, Robin 🙂 glad you like it.

  • MFuller

    That is beautiful. I feel like i could reach out and touch it!

    • Rob Chapman

      Thanks, Meggz 🙂

  • Brad Thornhill

    looks very magical! 😀 and freakin cold >< lol nice robert!!

    • Rob Chapman

      Hey. Thanks, Brad 🙂