Year of Creative Habits 2017 – 62/365

Day 62

Happy Friday!

I’m still participating in that #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge/project, but I’m keeping it on Instagram right now. The photos that I’m taking for that project aren’t necessarily going to be my daily photos for my Year of Creative Habit stuff. It gets too complicated if I have a cool photo, but it’s not relate to the topic of the day. Here’s my Instagram profile, and that’s where I’ll be keeping the Meet the Maker stuff. So go check that out if you want to learn about me! Today I shared my workspace 🙂

EDIT: My Instagram posts always automagically end up on my Twitter feed too, so if you already follow me there then you’ll see it!

It was pretty chilly out there today, but it pretty sunny! I took a handful of photos of various things around this tiny park that’s a few blocks from where I live. I haven’t been there yet to snap photos previously. I think I got some good ones, and I’m going to share a couple more below because, why not? 😀


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