Possibly Radioactive: Day 50

Sci-Fi Something

Not sure what this is, but it’s oozing. And possibly radioactive. Also not too sure why I decided to draw it at the top of the page. It looks pretty neat though! As always, it looks a bit better in real life than what the camera (and a little Photoshoping) creates digitally.

Nothing really happening today, so I’ll leave it nice and short. It’s been a slow relaxing weekend filled with lots of nothing. It’s nice after a busy week. I hope everyone has an excellent weekend.

I realize how boring this is for my 50th post! I’m totally cool with that.


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  • Love this one, great colours.

    • Rob Chapman

      Hey! Yes, I also love how it turned out. Thanks for commenting 😀

  • Brad Thornhill

    Looks very alien and possibly dangerous and very mysterious 🙂

    • Rob Chapman

      When in reality it just creates teenage mutant ninjas turkeys.

  • Sierra Spanton

    I really like this one.

    • Rob Chapman

      Sierra! Thank you. I’m glad you’re stopping by and commenting 🙂 I think since everyone seems to like this one so much, I might do another similar (not too similar!) one soon.