Musical Creation: Day 61

Plaid 2

I’m hesitating on calling this image complete. I still think it need something special. Not sure what yet though, but I have a few ideas that I might try tomorrow. Or I’ll leave it how it is and move on to something else. It’s past due time I start on some creepy Halloween themed drawings.

It’s going to be a brief update today. However, I do have an interesting thing to discuss, for anyone interested in replying in the comments. When I do my daily drawing, I’m always listening to some form of music. Audio stimulation seems to really drive what I end up creating. It’s been like that for a few years or so now. When I was a kid I would do most of my drawing in school. During class, of course. I’d often get in trouble because I would draw while the teachers talked. There was no music. I would drown everything out and just doodle. Music (usually without vocals as I sometimes find them distracting) is what helps me to create. So, what kind of music helps you to focus? Or do whatever it is you do best?


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  • Brad Thornhill

    It’s coming along nicely Robert 🙂 I’ve never been much of a drawer as if late, more when I was a kid. Of course I’ve always liked your monster/alien drawings growing up 🙂 anyways I do write from time to time, I’ve never done it with music but I should try it with music. The music i would listen to, would probably be some classic music or something a bit darker but with an epic melody mixed in lol

    • Rob Chapman

      Yeah, music is very important for me when I want to create something.

      Like, classic music? So Pink Floyd? Or classical music? Like Chopin? 😀

  • Brad Thornhill

    Sorry I meant classic music like orchestra or just instrumental classical rock sounding stuff which iguess pink Floyd would fall into that 🙂

    • Rob Chapman

      I love me some instrumental. Just about any kind really. I do searches for playlists with “Ambient” and “Instrumental” all the time 🙂 Good stuff.

  • Brad Thornhill


    • Rob Chapman

      lol in these comments your edits look odd and out of place. I have no problem editing my comments. Maybe it’s OCD, but can you try to do that to keep the place clean and tidy? 😀