Bleeding Through: Day 55


Hello. Didn’t finish today’s work as I wasn’t all that fond of the way my new pens were operating. The ink was spreading out from where I started to color and was bleeding right through the paper. More of a marker than a felt tipped pen. Just thought I’d give it at try. Was only a few bucks anyways. Next time, I’ll stick with either pens, or try out the black pencil in the new colored pencil set I got today. I’m quite excited about these pencils. Even though I only used a few colors today, they went on really smoothly. Excited about trying them again tomorrow.

I also bought a proper pencil sharpener as the one I’ve been using was falling apart and was insistent on breaking all my pencils. It works great. The ruler I also bought came in handy today. I’ll probably use it again tomorrow.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    I like the colours look hazy and the shape is interesting 🙂

    • Rob Chapman

      Tomorrow’s should be even more interesting 🙂