NHL Incoming: Day 56


I’m still testing out these colored pencils today. Not a fan of using the black pencil instead of the pens I’ve been using lately. I still outlined some things in pen though. Filling in with the black colored pencil though, not going to be doing that again. Ugh.

Might finish this picture up tomorrow, even though I don’t like the black. But at the same time I want to move on to something else. I really like the random shapes at the bottom though!

Not a lot going on lately. It’s been a boring week. Hockey tonight though! Then the NHL season officially starts in approximately a week. Super excited! As I always am when hockey season comes around.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    You should draw something hockey related that would be pretty cool 🙂 looks like a flag or stainless

    • Rob Chapman

      Or stainless? Or stainless? What could this mean?? lol
      Thanks for the comment, Brad. Hockey stuff would be tough!

  • Rene E Moran

    So Picasso what will be your next masterpiece tomorrow? I like it. Keep at it.

    • Rob Chapman

      Hey, buddy. Thanks for the comment. Just over 300 more days to go O.O

  • Brad Thornhill

    Stainglass 🙂