Conspiracy Theories: Day 57

Space Window

Just a really quick update today. I have some company over today. I started a pretty cool drawing. I’m going to definitely finish this tomorrow, as I really like where it’s going!

I’ve been hanging out at home today as it was quite rainy and miserable outside for most of the afternoon. Playing a few videogames and watching some TV episodes of various shows. Having some deep conspiracy theories with a buddy. Which is what we normally do when we hang out.

I’m not really sure if these circles are planets, but it definitely does look like a window into space! So I’m going with that. Maybe I’ll add some rings or something, if possible, tomorrow.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Yes I had a good visit Robert and the fish was great! Lol but back to the picture 🙂 love the colours and the idea in general. You should definitely draw a recreation of that Gothic chicken photo you showed me today 😀

  • Brad Thornhill

    Sorry I meant chick XD

    • Hey. Just replying to this now, Brad. I did do a recreation of that gothic chicken 😉 later on at some point. I should do more of those 🙂