Tentacle Face Things: Day 103


I originally was going to draw some robot masters (the boss characters) from the original Megaman Nintendo games. Some of them are pretty awesome. The process of copying it exactly felt daunting though, so I decided to do something original. I’m glad I did.

I used to draw characters like this guy all the time. I can’t remember if I always used the same technique then as I do now, but I generally start by drawing a basic body shape followed by a couple distinguishing features. In this case; The small head, tentacle face things, and the massive arm. After that I figure things out as I go along.

I’m not finished with this guy yet! I don’t think so anyways. I would like to go over it with ink, and perhaps even add color. Oh! I have a better idea. Now that my laptop is back in action, I could copy him into Photoshop and enhance it that way.