Art of Making Money: Day 88

Straight Spatter

I have incorporated a lot of important lifestyle changes into my day-to-day routine this year: I fixed my sleeping schedule, I altered my diet and learned much more about my eating habits, I exercise more, as a result I lost about 30lbs., and, of course, I started making artwork every day.

I was hoping to be bringing in more money this year. Which brings me to something else I would like to add to my routines: Put less focus on the end goals, and more on the small daily details that will eventually get me there. If making money with my art is my end goal, then every day I should take time for myself to brainstorm up some ideas of how I should get started. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t inadvertently helped myself out a bit by achieving some small goals, like finally getting set up on Instagram.

Perhaps I should do more planning. I cringe at the idea of planning ahead though, short-term or long-term. I don’t want to be committed to anything I may not be able to succeed at. Because of this, I can’t imagine myself failing at anything. This mindset helps keep me stress free. However, the obvious downside is that I don’t have any major risk taking achievements. So there’s some internal conflict going on that I would like to figure out before this year is up.