Digital Upgrades: Day 104

Ralph Photoshop

For today I decided to ink the drawings I made for the last couple days; The mutant alien guy from yesterday, and the Super Mario Bros. 3 picture from the day before. I think they look really great! They both stand out quite a bit more than they did previously.

Afterwards, I decided that wasn’t enough for today, so I recreated my alien guy (Ralph) in Photoshop! Making a few alterations as I went along. I think it’s a nice upgrade compared to the original. What do you think?

Ralph Ink

Next I’m going to add color and details to my Photoshop alien. Hopefully this guy turns out as good as the other drawings ive recreated in Photoshop in the past. No idea what I’m going to add exactly yet, but I’ll spend some time thinking about tomorrow.

SMB3 Ink