All About me: Day 105


I’ve known from the beginning of this year long project that this was all about me. I’m not trying to lure in traffic from outside sources by drawing things that are popular, or writing about topics that promote sharing on social media. This is a project that, at first, was just me trying to do… something. I was going nowhere with my art at the time. Now, every single day, with no exceptions, I’ve learned something new. As well as connected with other artists, each at different stages of the same year long project.

Drawing is the only thing I’ve really ever been told I was good at. For awhile there it was computer related stuff as well. However, nowadays pretty much everyone has the ability to solve their own computer troubles or figure out whatever it is that needs figuring out, thanks to Google and the wealth of knowledge that’s readily available.

So, thank you to my friends, family, and any complete strangers that go through and read my posts! Because I hardly ever feel I have anything to say worth reading!

With that done, here’s that alien Ralph guy again. This time I’ve added some starting color to the image. Nothing too special yet, but I had to start somewhere. I’m not too sure if the colors I chose are set in stone, but I at least like my choices. With Photoshop they are pretty easy to change anyways. What do you think about the colors? Suggestions, anyone?