Rocky: Day 107

Ralph Zoom

Today I’m trying to get back into the mindset I’ve been at for the past several months. I want to be excited and anxious to get to my drawing each and every day. Feelings that have been waning a bit for a few days now. So I’ve been going through the Rocky series of movies with a friend. You know, not just because they’re quite obviously terrific movies (subjectively, of course) but because they are also inspirational stories. An underdog that started as a complete nobody, got a lucky break, and worked hard feeling it would be his one and only opportunity to do something special. Today we watched Rocky 3.

For my daily creative work, I worked on adding some shadows to everything in this image. I also got my texture brushes working in Photoshop again. I was worried about that as I haven’t been able to figure out why they haven’t been working. Then I kind of stumbled onto a slider option that happened to fix the issue. Lucky me. So I messed around with a custom texture to add some much needed detail to the skin. I like the looks of it, but it needs more work. When I look over everything, it feels like there’s quite a lot yet to be done before I’m satisfied. And yet, I really have no idea where to begin, as a lot of what I’m doing happens to be new territory for me. I’ll just have to carefully feel my way along as I press on.