To-Do List: Day 86


So, the charging cable for my laptop was destroyed in an unknown snip snip accident. The culprit is most likely my reclining chair. So a new cable has been ordered and should be here within a month. However, this tragic event has encouraged me – out of necessity – to find a decent photo editing app and start posting all my art to WordPress through various Android apps. Let’s see how this turns out…

Sunday turned out to be a pretty eventful day! Spent the majority of it hanging out with a buddy. We talked for hours about the Universe, creativity, decision making, and how a voiceless Scarlett Johansson would make a perfect girlfriend.

The movie, “Under the Skin” was mind bending, creepy, and thought provoking. We watched it tonight. I need to find me some more art indie films to watch. It was a fantastic experience watching that movie.

One more thing I want to mention: There are things I’ve been thinking about. Things I want to accomplish, but fear I may lack the courage to ever come through with any of these.

– Cancelling my Internet service for awhile
– Selling my PlayStation
– Create even more artwork daily
– Read more and stick with the books I’ve started
– Find a way to make a living with my art
– Say “Hello” to the neighbour girl