Still Seeing Circles: Day 98

Dragnix Complete

Hello, people. It’s finally finished. I don’t want to see any more tiny little circles for as long as I breathe. Perhaps tomorrow it’ll be MASSIVE circles! Everywhere!

Very happy with how this image turned out overall. It’s a little too colorful for my tastes. However, there just wasn’t any other way around it. I really wanted to keep the individual colors all separated from one another so they stand out more, and there were only so many colors I have available that would look right.

Something I thought about doing was filling in the entire background with black ink. I think the colors would stand out even more. However, two problems came to mind: I don’t have nearly enough ink for something like that. Not at the moment anyways. Secondly, I want to work on something else as soon as possible! This project took about a week, I think, and I’m more than ready to move on.