Weeblies: Day 99


Despite mentioning how close my 100th day was in several posts throughout the past week, today kind of caught me off guard. I mean, 99 days. Kind of nuts.

Today’s drawing was very light as I’m feeling sick today. I somehow poisoned myself last night. I think it was all that whiskey I drank. So while I recover I figure I have to get to drawing something. So I drew a bunch of Weeblies. Which actually took a good amount of effort to do considering how awgul I feel. These little guys, which I may have mentioned/drawn once before on this website, are my own creation from forever ago. When I was in highschool, I think. My cousin named them “Weeblies” years later.


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  • MFuller

    Weeblies have bee. My favourite for ever! I have pages of them from years ago! Awesome Robbie! Feel better soon!

    • Rob Chapman

      Thanks. I still have a lot of old art stuff i want to mail you.

      Might try taking a nap soon to see if that helps.

  • Sierra Spanton


  • I love these guys! I still draw my own all the time 😀