Artificial Light Sources: Day 94


Looks like I struggle a bit with finding the proper color when I take these photos under artificial light. First I had to remove the yellow, then enhance the color to get it as close as possible to what I see on paper. What I ended up with today wasn’t very accurate. Ah well, tomorrow I’ll start earlier to get that natural sunlight, and I should have a lot more coloring finished by then.

The picture’s looking pretty good. It’s going to take a very long time to fill each tiny circle with the blue, yellow, and green I picked out, but nothing worth doing is easy I always say! Besides, I watched Rocky tonight. I gotta work at it, you know? Buy some turtles. Then punch some faces. Or something like that.


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  • Robin Ponte

    Wow.. finally on to coloring! Ill have to have a up close look tomorrow when we get back from the library

    • Rob Chapman

      Thanks for commenting. Come by any time 🙂

  • Brad Thornhill

    I love turtles! XD it’s coming along Robert slowly but the time you are putting into it is showing up nicely 🙂 I know rocky just makes you feel like anybody can do anything they want as long as you have that dream and drive to excel in whatever your heart desires.

    • Rob Chapman

      Thank you, Brad. That is exactly how I felt. It was a really great underdog story.