Perhaps a Phoenix? Day 96

Still a Phoenix?

Is it still a Phoenix? I don’t know. After finishing the head, I think it’s more dragon-like now. Perhaps it’s a cross between the two mythical creatures.

I have a lot of ideas in what I want to work on next. When my laptop is up and running again, I would like to recreate this circle technique in Photoshop. Make a million perfect circles and see what I can create when human error isn’t as much of a factor. Or I would also really like to draw more crystal-like structures like I did a couple weeks ago. Perhaps draw Superman’s Fortress of Solitude!


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  • Brad Thornhill

    I love how the colours flow into eachother it all fits perfectly! 🙂 and yes! Fortress of solitude would be so epic!!!

    • Rob Chapman

      Hey 🙂 thanks. I love how it all flows nicely as well.

  • MFuller

    It’s beautiful! Mesmerizing even!

    • Rob Chapman

      Hey you! Thanks so much. Your compliment made me feel awesome 🙂