Facebook? Day 90


It’s definitely not unexpected, but this is taking quite a long time to make any real progress, and is totally killing my wrist in the process! However, it’s looking great so far, for an experiment, of course. I only have a few ideas of where I’m going with this. Either make interesting patterns as I go along, as I’ve already done a bit so far, or fill the page with circular “pixels” and color them in to show an image. I was thinking about those NES title screens maybe. For right now though, I’m totally digging the patterns.

As soon as I get my laptop back into commission I’m going to look into starting a Facebook page specifically for my artwork. Then friends, fans, and family could like the page if they want the blog updates. I should also try my hand at weekly mailing lists. I still have a lot of research to do before I start either of these ideas. They’re in the works though.


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  • Brad Thornhill

    Wow that’s Alot of circles no wonder your wrist is sore lol looks great though like some creepy bubble blob creature 🙂

    • Thanks, Brad! When you put it that way it is a little creepy, eh?

  • Robin Ponte

    Looking good! For some reason I picture a wild horse made out of those tiny circles… idk why

    • Same here! So no worries 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Robin.