Flow: Day 91

Dots Design

This design is really starting to take on an organic feel. It’s staring to look very creature-like. Not entirely by accident, mind you. As I was drawing it I was being compelled to make it look like it was flowing. Like it was alive. I’m enjoying this process very much. I think I can squeeze a few more days out of this as I still would need to add color eventually.

I think that’s about all I’ll write for this post. It’s already getting late! This is the latest I’ve posted in awhile, I think. I’ll be trying not to make a habit of it because it’s supposed to be a routine daily post where I draw around the same time every day. That way subconsciously you’re kicking in your creativity at roughly the same time each day.


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  • Robin Ponte

    Looking really cool bob.. im thinking creature/water ripple. Excited to see where u go with this

    • Rob Chapman

      Thanks a bunch! I’m actually excited to see where it goes as well. I’m anxious to get back to it tomorrow. Hope the pen Amber gave me lasts!

  • Brad Thornhill

    It almost could be like the start of a new species or a virus that could kill everyone! Lol awesome!

    • Rob Chapman

      Thanks, Brad. It does kind of look virus like, eh?